Win $500 worth of gifts of your choice, by contributing your own connectors

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  • Goal: build source connectors following Airbyte’s best practices and publish them to the open-source project for the benefit of the community.
  • How we validate the connectors: the Airbyte team will test those connectors to ensure their quality and their respect of our guidelines. The team is also here to help you build those connectors. You can schedule code-pairing sessions with them.

Big Prizes

3 big winners:

  • The 2 contributors who built the most connectors (raffle draw to tie break if several)
  • A random raffle draw between all contributors, but for each connector built, the contributors get a point. So a contributor with 2 points will have twice more chances than one with only one point.

The winners will get $500 worth of prizes. They can choose between getting an iPad, a keyboard, a Raspberry Pie, a drone, any device of your choosing. Or it could even be some donations to a non-profit organization, or just cash. The contributor chooses the prize they want.

Get Started

Here are some documentation to help you get started:


All contributors will get a personalized sketch and some swag (early contributors’ unique T-shirts and stickers).

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