Airbyte Connector to Local CSV

Replicate your data in minutes, through our UI or programmatically with our API.

Replicate your data to a local CSV file in minutes

This CSV destination writes data to a directory on the local filesystem on the host running Airbyte. By default, data is written to /tmp/airbyte_local. To change this location, modify the LOCAL_ROOT environment variable for Airbyte.

Check our detailed documentation on how to start syncing data to a local csv file.

Features of the connector

Full Refresh Sync
Incremental – Append Sync

Output schema

Each stream will be output into its own file. Each file will contain 3 columns:

  • ab_id: a uuid assigned by Airbyte to each event that is processed.
  • emitted_at: a timestamp representing when the event was pulled from the data source.
  • data: a json blob representing with the event data.

Performance considerations

This integration will be constrained by the speed at which your filesystem accepts writes.

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