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Do you like creating content? Do you want to give back to the community?  Join the Write for the community program to contribute your unique technical expertise, get paid, and gain notoriety in the community.

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Why join the program?

Get paid

Get paid for content you write that we publish on our blog.

Gain recognition

Your social media links will be featured on the Airbyte repository and website.

Give back

Contribute your unique knowledge to our global community of data engineers.

What is the Write for the community program?

This program is for Airbyte users who want to contribute to our catalog of recipes, tutorials, and deep-dives to enrich the community by helping other users learn through hands-on examples. We're looking for writers who are developers first.

How does it work?

Step 1

Join the #write-for-the-community channel in our community Slack.

Step 2

Indicate what content you intend to create by creating a proposal here or tackling an already open issue here.

Step 3

Once you submit your proposal or claim an open issue, we will review it with you and you can begin writing.

Step 4

Follow the guidelines here before submitting your draft. Once it’s ready, submit the article to us by updating your issue and moving it to "Submitted" here.

Step 5

Get paid! Once it’s approved and published, we’ll follow up with steps for you to receive payment.

Commonly asked questions

How much do I get paid?

Here is our compensation scheme:
$600 per article
with an additional $300 if the article reaches 1,000 views in the first month.

Can I write in languages other than English?

Unfortunately, content published on our blog is currently in English only.

Can I publish a post with Airbyte that I have on another website?

Nope, we only publish original content to our blog.

What rights does Airbyte claim over the blog post?

Airbyte claims the blog post piece as our own after it is published. You can, however, after a month, publish this as long as you have a canonical link pointing to the Airbyte post.

Can I submit my own content ideas?

Sure, just request it here and say you're working on it in the issue!

How many articles can I submit each month?

There is no limit. Just keep in mind we only pay for published posts though.