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  • Unlimited connectors
  • Integration with K8s
  • Integration with Airflow
  • Integration with DBT
  • Lot of other integrations


About to disrupt the market's pricing standard

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  • No volume based pricing
  • Cloud hosting & management
  • Extra monitoring features
  • Team collaboration features


About to disrupt the market's pricing standard

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  • No volume based pricing
  • Data quality processes
  • Privacy compliance
  • SSO, SAML, etc...
  • Role & access management

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Airbyte wants to give your infrastructure superpowers to collect and move data seamlessly, whatever the tools you use. All by anticipating the changes to come and respecting your users’ rights for data security.

No more need to build integrations for your customers on top of your tool​.

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Commonly asked questions​

Is Airbyte Open Source?

Yes. Airbyte is published under a standard MIT license. We're developing Airbyte in the open maintaining a public product roadmap.

How does Airbyte Cloud and Airbyte Enterprise pricing work?

We intend to disrupt how ETL/ELT solutions are being priced. We believe volume-based pricings are not aligned with the value provided and are way too expensive. Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept in the loop.

How is Airbyte different from other ETL/ELT tools?

Traditional tools, such as Fivetran or StitchData, are closed-source and cloud-based. Their pricing is indexed on the volume of data you replicate. Being open-source enables Airbyte to offer better pricing and to cover all your connector needs by addressing the long tail of integrations, and all this without any lock-in mechanism.

How long does it take to replicate data with Airbyte?

There are several ways to deploy Airbyte. For instance, using Docker compose, it takes 2 minutes to replicate Salesforce data to Snowflake.

Who are the companies using Airbyte?

We already have several thousands of companies using Airbyte. It ranges from early stage data-intensive startups to any enterprise that needs to move data for analytics, machine learning or operational purposes.