Explore popular use cases to empower your teams

Replicate your PostgreSQL data with Airbyte

Migrate your data between any two Postgres instances in under 10 minutes.

Build a single customer view with open-source tools

Learn how to use a data integration tool (Airbyte) and a data transformation tool (dbt) to create a single customer view on a data warehouse (BigQuery).

Set up a modern data stack with Docker

Learn how to quickly set up a modern data stack using Docker Compose with Airbyte, BigQuery, dbt, Airflow and Superset.

Sync MySQL CDC to Kafka using Change Data Capture

Learn how to stream changes from a MySQL database to Kafka using Change Data Capture (CDC).

Replicate data from a PostgreSQL database to Snowflake

Learn how to replicate data from an OnLine Transactional Processing (OLTP) database like PostgreSQL, to an OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) data warehouse like Snowflake.

Replicate Salesforce and Zendesk data to Keen for unified analytics

Learn how to replicate data from Salesforce and Zendesk to Keen to gain a 360-degree view of your business using Airbyte.

Partition and cluster BigQuery tables with Airbyte and dbt

Learn how to modify the dbt code used by Airbyte to partition and cluster BigQuery tables.

Automate your Data Scraping with Apache Airflow and Beautiful Soup

Learn how to easily automate your LinkedIn Scraping with Airflow and Beautiful Soup.

Migrate your data from Redshift to Snowflake

Get your data out of Redshift and into Snowflake easily with open source data integration.

Visualize the time spent by your team in Zoom calls

Learn how to visualize how much time your team is spending in Zoom calls with the Airbyte Zoom connector and Tableau.

Build a Slack activity dashboard with Apache Superset

Build a Slack activity dashboard quickly using the Slack Airbyte connector and Apache Superset.